Extinction Rebellion Courts 5 Year Jail Sentences By Closing Heathrow For 10 Days

Internal planning documents at Extinction Rebellion show that they’re thinking of trying to close Heathrow for 10 days this summer with the use of drones. The penalty for this sort of thing is, upon conviction, 5 years prison time. If they do it they should indeed be accorded that maximum sentence. And, given the way that “conspiracy to” laws work, so should all who aid them.

Because civil disorder is indeed an important thing.

Yes, it’s possible to argue that we shouldn’t be jailing those who would save us from civilisation and the climate change it causes.…

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Odd And Interesting – Nils Pratley And The Guardian Support PFI Projects Now

Isn’t is just lovely and wondrous how principles change dependent upon circumstances. Why, it’s almost as if they’re not principles at all, isn’t it? So it is with this from The Guardian, brought to us by Nils Pratley.

The basic background of the Private Finance Initiative is that if some bugger has their own money at risk then we’ve got at least some bugger interested in making sure that the project happens to time, to spec and on or even under budget.…

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Weird From The FT – Who Should Pay For Heathrow If Not The Passengers?

The Financial Times has a very strange piece worrying about who is going to pay for the Heathrow expansion to a third runway and how. Some of their burblings are fair enough. The capital structure does look equity light and that’s not really quite how we’d all be interested in someone funding a £14 billion project with substantial engineering and completion risk. We really do want someone, somewhere, to have equity on the line because that’s how projects get completed on time and to budget.…

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That Heathrow Expansion Will Damage Regional Airports Shows Heathrow Should Expand

It’s a fairly basic observation concerning market economics that if the expansion of one producer lowers the output of other such producers then it’s near certainly a good thing, that expansion. For our producer expands, delivering more of what the consumers want, leaving those people producing the lesser favoured output to mourn their losses. To, obviously, the great joy of consumers who are getting more of that they so obviously, by their actions, desire.

Airports are reasonable substitutes for each other.…

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