Owen Jones Discovers Something Surprising About Human Sexuality

That the man is well into his 30s before he works this out is a bit of a surprise but there we go, no one’s been accusing Owen Jones of maturity these years. He has just uncovered something about human sexuality:

….and men associate feminine behaviour by men with being gay.

Quite remarkable. Anyone who’s ever been around the nightclub scene of a major city will be shocked, shocked, to find such behaviour going on.…

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Social Beings Don’t Like Being Ostracised – Funny That

If we start from the obvious point about us human beings – we’re social beings – then all of what follows in this from The Conversation is blindingly obvious. Social beings like being social, they prefer not to be ostracised, cast out of society. Thus if society accepts some part of our make up, who we are, then we’re happier. That the precise aspect under discussion here is sexual orientation this doesn’t make any difference. Social beings are social beings, prefer not to be ostracised.

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Are All LGBT Complete Snowflakes?

Or is it just the TUC assuming that all LGBT are such delicate flowers that the normal interaction of humans beings is something they must be defended from?

The reason for asking is a new report from the TUC talking about the sexual harassment of the LGBT at work. We get the usual weasel words, of course we do. But here’s the headline:

Survey finds 70% of LGBT people sexually harassed at work
Study shows ‘hidden epidemic’ with BME women and those with disabilities most affected

This does rather depend upon our definition of “harass” doesn’t it?…

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Owen Jones’ Fox And Hen Chicken Coop Protection Society – LGBT And Muslims Unite!

That bright laddie, Owen Jones, has outdone himself today. He’s arguing for the fox and hen chicken coop protection society. That the LGBTQ peeps and the Muslims should be in unity, in alliance. Because, you know, it’s the far right who hate them both and my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

Which, when describing a religion substantial parts of which are still ensconced in a do we throw the قوم لوط off buildings or do we merely push walls over on them argument, and an alliance with قوم لوط , is taking that enemy friend injunction a little too far perhaps:

The dangerous conclusion to draw from this saga is that Muslims and LGBTQ people are on a collision course.

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Israel Folau Discovers The Limits Of Free Speech For Christians About LGBT

Israel Folau is about to get sacked from both his jobs, playing rugby for Australia and the Waratahs. The reason being that he’s been making the standard historical Christian insistences about LGBT matters.

Now, I have to admit I’m perfectly fine with a world in which this can happen:

Israel Folau is to be sacked by Rugby Australia following his latest social media posts, leaving the Wallabies facing the prospect of heading to the World Cup in Japan without one of their best players.

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Cognitive Dissonance – The BBC Is 11% LGBT. The BBC Is Heteronormative

Cognitive dissonance is when someone manages to believe contradictory things. Sure, we all do it, it’s entirely human, helps us all get through the day. But we should still call it out when we see it.

As here at the BBC. They themselves tell us that the workforce is 11% LGBT, the more senior ranks 12% such. Great, excellent and who would be worried about that? But then they go on to insist that there’s a heteronormative culture at the BBC.…

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