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Owen Jones’ Fox And Hen Chicken Coop Protection Society – LGBT And Muslims Unite!

That bright laddie, Owen Jones, has outdone himself today. He’s arguing for the fox and hen chicken coop protection society. That the LGBTQ peeps and the Muslims should be in unity, in alliance. Because, you know, it’s the far right who hate them both and my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

Which, when describing a religion substantial parts of which are still ensconced in a do we throw the قوم لوط off buildings or do we merely push walls over on them argument, and an alliance with قوم لوط , is taking that enemy friend injunction a little too far perhaps:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The dangerous conclusion to draw from this saga is that Muslims and LGBTQ people are on a collision course. That is certainly the battle cry of ever more emboldened Islamophobes, who never talk of LGBTQ rights except when it becomes convenient artillery in their bigoted war on Muslims. If you only talk of LGBTQ rights to attack Muslims then you do not care about those rights: and for those of us who have been attacked by homophobic far-right activists in the streets but have never endured homophobia from Muslims, there is a perverse irony at work. In any case, we are not talking about two discrete groups: some Muslims are gay or trans, and vice versa. But in truth, LGBTQ people and Muslims should be allies: above all, because we share many of the same experiences and enemies.[/perfectpullquote]

Owen, substantial parts of the Ummah wish to kill you merely and simply because of your sexuality. You want an alliance with them?

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