Harry and Meghan’s Baby Already Has A Name – Earl

There is much breathless anticipation over the naming of Harry and Meghan’s – more correctly, the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk – new baby boy. Which is odd for, as we reported a time back, we already know what the young one’s name is/will be. For he will be Earl of Dumbarton. As is between usual and likely for the first son of a Duke. True, could have been Marquis and Viscount is also theoretically possible,

But the point is we already know:

Meghan’s Baby Will Be Earl Of Dumbarton – Or Lady X – Not A Prince Or Princess

We knew that near a month ago.…

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Harry And Meghan’s Birthing To Be Private – Thankfully

A slightly strange complaint here in a headline. That Harry and Meghan – variedly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Mr. Windsor and Ms. Markle dependent upon who you want to understand is being talked about – are keeping the birth of their imminent child private. Well, yes, we’d rather hope so. The days when royal births were public occasions are thankfully long gone.

Royal superfans criticise Harry and Meghan’s ‘disappointing’ decision to keep birth private as they vow to arrive in Windsor anyway

We do rather expect that the expectant can have a little privacy these days.…

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Meghan’s Baby Will Be Earl Of Dumbarton – Or Lady X – Not A Prince Or Princess

As we’ve pointed out before the upcoming baby from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – or, to be more precise, from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – will not be a prince or princess. That’s a title that only reaches down the generations as far as the grandchildren of a monarch regnant. So, the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II are indeed princes and princesses. Or at least can be, if that’s what their parents wish them to be.…

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Prince Harry’s Taking Paternity Leave For Meghan Markle Because That’s Government Policy

To understand what the British Royals do it helps to understand what the British Royals are for. Once we’ve got that then we’ll be able to grasp why Prince Harry is taking paternity leave as Meghan Markle gives birth.

The point being that the Royals are figureheads. We need someone to pin medals on people, open country games and all that. Therefore that’s what we’ve got, a large family with some sort of historical connection who do all that for us.…

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Questions In Cosmopolitan We Can Answer


Can we tell what gender Harry and Meghan’s baby will be by the shape of her bump?

Part of our ever popular series of Questions In The Press We Can Answer. This being a pretty clear proof of Betteridge’s Law.

The clue being in the subhead:

You may be able to determine the gender of a baby by looking at the shape of a baby bump according to an old wives’ tale, says midwife Amanda Bude.

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Meghan’s Baby Won’t Be A Royal Highness But She Will Have A Title

It appears that we’ve got to educate the Americans in how these titles things work again. It could be that it’s just they don’t have any so don’t understand the functioning of these important things, could be just that they’re colonials and thus don’t know any better. But while it’s entirely true, as things stand right now, that Meghan Markle’s upcoming child won’t be a Royal Highness there will still be a title involved. For the babbie’s father is a Duke, therefore there will be a title involved, that’s the way these things work:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s baby may not be called Royal Highness — thanks to his or her great-great-grandparent.

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