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There’s Dumb, There’s Stupid, Then There’s Complaining To The Police About Contract Murder Fraud

This is something of a giggle. A mother and daughter have been arrested in Spain over claims that they organised a contract murder. Not entirely unknown of course, people do get murdered, sometimes people are paid to do the murdering. Contract murders are known to exist.

The reason appears to be that the mother’s ex-inamorata was suspected of defrauding the extended family. For which, of course, he had to die. DIE! I tell ‘ee. The person hired to do the murdering was the daughter’s boyfriend. Who appears to have been well out there along the fantasist spectrum, working for the CIA, Mossad and all the rest.

D’s boyfriend took the money to execute M’s ex-boyfriend, along with some tales of gaining cash by selling off the resultant organs, and then did nothing. So far just an average day on the Costas.

At which point mother and daughter went to the police to claim they’d been defrauded. Which really is a move further out on that idiocy spectrum, isn’t it?

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] A mother and her daughter have been arrested in Spain after they complained to police of a fraud by the daughter’s boyfriend, who they say had promised to kill a man for them, harvest the organs and share €60,000 from the sale. The women made a down payment for the supposed ‘hit’ in March after claiming that the mother’s ex-partner had swindled the family of €60,000. The boyfriend said he was a secret agent with Spain’s National Intelligence Centre (CNI) spy agency and would recoup the money by having him captured, killed and stripped of his organs. [/perfectpullquote]

About the only other thing we can say here is to remark upon the family’s interesting taste in men…..

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