Stop Bitching About That Myleene Klass Pregnancy Photograph

Yes, obviously, we find Myleene Klass just as annoying as everyone else does. She’ll attend the opening of a letter if there are cameras there to record the fact. Yes, it is indeed irritating that looks and not much more by the way of talent or worth translate into such riches. But then that’s how the world works and having grumbled we can all move onto more important matters like how to we rickle the rhubarb?…

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How Can The Pregnant Woman – Marshae Jones – Who Got Shot Be Charged Over The Foetus’ Death?

This is going to provoke outrage but there’s a rather simple explanation to it. A pregnant woman has been charged over the death of her foetus. But she, that pregnant woman, is the one who got shot, causing the death of the baby. So, why isn’t the person who fired the shot getting charged? You know, if it’s going to be murder, or manslaughter, or child endangerment, or procuring a miscarriage, then why isn’t it the person who actually did those things?…

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Maine Hospital Has Nine Pregnant Nurses – Not All That Surprising Really

A hospital in Maine has nine of their nurses all pregnant at the same time. So, Yay! for diversity and men taking on traditionally women’s jobs then. Or, perhaps, we could mull over the statistical unlikeliness of this. The answer to which is that it’s obviously unusual at any one hospital. But it’s going to happen often enough when we consider the number of hospitals, number of nurses, there are out there.

That’s just how large numbers work:

Nine nurses who work in the labor and delivery unit of a Maine hospital are expecting babies of their own in the next few months.

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Stanstead 15 – Pleading The Belly No Longer Works As A Sentencing Dodge

This is an interesting application of modern feminism to the criminal justice system – the Stanstead 15 case is seeing an attempt to revive the pleading of the belly defence. Not against conviction, but against sentencing. Mothers, you see, are so special that to have them treated just like anyone else would be a grievous miscarriage. Which isn’t really quite what all those women have fought for over the years, is it?

But that is what is being tried on here:

Stansted 15 activist: ‘Jail separation from my baby would be horrific’

Well, yes, it might quite likely be such.…

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Of Course We Should Allow Payments For Surrogacy

Al Roth gained his Nobel in part for the study of repugnant transactions. One such being things like payments for body parts – kidneys say- and here in the UK that applies to surrogacy arrangements as well. There’re all sorts of restrictions and there shouldn’t be. As this piece nicely explains. From The Conversation:

Commercial surrogacy: lifting legal restrictions is the moral thing to do to help people trying to have babies

When it comes to the controversial issue of surrogate motherhood – and, in particular, payment for such services – the law in the UK needs to be reviewed.…

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Someone Pregnant And Giving Birth Is Not A Man

This is to distinctly go against modern mores but it’s also an important distinction to make. Someone who possess the ovaries, uterus, womb and hormonal systems to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth is not a man. This is what is known as a “woman.” This is nothing at all to do with the patriarchy, capitalism or even my own stickinthemudism. It’s just an observation about the world and the use of language in describing it.…

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