The Law On Privacy Might Have Gone A Bit Too Far

So the bloke decides to flash – well, more than that – in public. And a woman films it. Which leads to a prosecution for her breach of his privacy:

A TRAIN passenger who filmed a man who was masturbating while looking directly at her could be fined £40,000 for invading his privacy. Natacha Bras, 37, claims the alleged pervert moved seat to sit close to her before performing the sex act on the journey from Paris to Poitiers.

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Harry And Meghan’s Birthing To Be Private – Thankfully

A slightly strange complaint here in a headline. That Harry and Meghan – variedly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Mr. Windsor and Ms. Markle dependent upon who you want to understand is being talked about – are keeping the birth of their imminent child private. Well, yes, we’d rather hope so. The days when royal births were public occasions are thankfully long gone.

Royal superfans criticise Harry and Meghan’s ‘disappointing’ decision to keep birth private as they vow to arrive in Windsor anyway

We do rather expect that the expectant can have a little privacy these days.…

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Of Course Zuckerberg’s Calling For Facebook Regulation – Monopolist Incumbents Always Do

It’s being taken as some remarkable sign, that Mark Zuckerberg is calling for regulation of Facebook and social media. It’s not remarkable in the slightest, this is just what monopolist incumbents do and always have done. For any savvy businessman knows – and no one says Zuck isn’t savvy – that regulation protects against new insurgents into the market. Only large and established firms can afford the costs of obeying the regulations, de’ye see?

Be careful what you wish for: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for MORE government and outside regulation for social media companies instead of relying on tech firms to police themselves

Why should he be careful what he wishes for?…

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A Google Problem – How Spent Does A Spent Conviction Have To Be?

It is quite clearly right and just that not all of our past behaviour follows us around as an anchor upon our ambitions. We were all young once and that means some very large percentage of us were also stupid. We’ve encoded this into the very law with the idea of convictions for this or that being spent. Even though we did it, got caught and sentenced, it’s no longer relevant and thus doesn’t appear in basic – at least – searches about our criminal or not past.…

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That Mainstream Media Isn’t Understanding Facebook

From our special correspondent, Wessex Man:

The New York Times tells us:

Debates over privacy have plagued Facebook for years. But the news that Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm that worked on President Trump’s 2016 campaign, was able to gain access to private data through the social network has sparked an unusually strong reaction among its users.

The hashtag #DeleteFacebook appeared more than 10,000 times on Twitter within a two-hour period on Wednesday, according to the analytics service ExportTweet.

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