How To Get Rape Numbers Entirely, Wholly, Wrong

The Telegraph reports that:

Rape victims are eight times more likely to get justice in some police force areas than others in England and Wales, Home Office figures reveal.

North Yorkshire police force is the most successful with one in seven (14.2 per cent) rapes resulting in the sex attacker being charged, according to the data for 2018/19.

This isn’t how it works, no. Rape is an oddity as far as the existence of the crime itself is concerned.…

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Serve Two Years For Rape, Conviction Overturned, No Compensation

One of the pities about increasing maturity is that old predictions of how society is going to the dogs become true. Or rather, one is around to see one’s predictions come true. Gratifying to the ego as it is to be proven right there’s a definite preference for not having to see it.

At which point, the man jailed for rape for two years. Then conviction overturned. OK, so, he served two years and he shouldn’t have served two years.…

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To Be Born – Even Of Rape – Is Not To Be A Victim

It’s a pretty standard part of English law that to be born does not make you a victim. Further, that the delivery of a child is not something which requires compensation. It is not an ill, it is not a harm. Thus this lady is on a hiding to nowhere:

Woman born of rape does not count as a victim, say police as she seeks to prosecute her birth father

Being born is not the creation of a tort.…

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Not Producing Evidence Means Your Rape Case Is Dropped – And?

We have a complaint here that an allegation of rape should move forward to a charge of rape without the complainant having to provide the evidence asked for. The correct answer to this being, and?

My sexual assault case was dropped because I wouldn’t hand over my phone

If you’re asked to produce evidence then don’t produce it then why should your allegation go forward?

Eventually my case was dropped because I refused to give the government access to the entire contents of my mobile phone.

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False Rape Claims Just Never Happen – We Must Always Believe The Victim

We do have something of a problem in the fashionable mantra that we must always believe the victim in rape cases. For until we’ve established that we are in fact dealing with a rape we don’t have a victim. And no, it is not true that every allegation of rape is in fact a rape.

This being the problem with the crime in and of itself. The activity itself, sex, is something commonly (and uncommonly Ha Ha!) enjoyed by billions of us.…

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Once Again The Guardian Fails To Understand Rape And Rape Cases

The Guardian has had the arts graduates sucking their pencils and adding up the statistics about rape in the UK. Predictably they manage to get it all entirely wrong.

Just 1.5% of all rape cases lead to charge or summons, data reveals


Only one in 65 rape cases reported to police result in suspects being summonsed or charged, a Guardian analysis of the latest crime figures has revealed.

Innumerate malarkey.

The drop is particularly dramatic at a time when victims are reporting more attacks.

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Depicting Violence Against Women Terrible, Writing Just Great

A fun example of double standards here. We know the usual feminist argument against violent p0rno. This normalises such and makes men go out and do more. This is actually incorrect, we’ve proven this, The massive expansion of broadband and the associated trivially simple access to all sorts of p0rno has led to a fall in rape and other crimes of sexual violence against women.

Sure, certain incidences can, might, probably will have been, caused by the monkey see, monkey do experience.…

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Dame Vera Baird Doesn’t Understand Rape Nor Rape Statistics

That Dame Vera Baird doesn’t understand rape nor rape statistics isn’t all that surprising. All too few do. That Dame Vera Baird is now in charge of whining about rape and rape statistics does make this a problem. This is an issue that we’ve addressed more than once around here.

Dame Vera is complaining that:

Rape prosecutions have “dropped off a cliff” because the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is acting like a “bookies” that only backs cases it will win, says the new victims’ commissioner.

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We’ll Never Solve The Rape Trial Problem And Not Just Because Men Are Pigs

Nor is our rape trial problem because we inhabit a patriarchy, nor even because the underlying problem is purely about consent to an entirely legal activity. It is, obviously enough, legal to have sex – we don’t go around jailing mothers purely on the grounds that they must have bumped uglies at some point. The defining line between rape and not rape is that issue of consent. Yes, of course, non-consent should be a crime, is a crime and will continue to be one.…

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Well, What Actually Is A Rape For Which You Should Be Jailed?

In the words of Whoopi Golberg we do all know what “rapey rape” is. We’re also aware of what some call rape these days. But that more feminist delineation doesn’t quite cut it with the general population. Hey, maybe it should, maybe it shouldn’t, that’s not the point at issue here. What is is that the general population is what makes up juries. And it is juries who decide whether to find someone guilty of rape or not – along with all other crimes of course.…

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