Tanzania’s Magufuli – Rightly – Won’t Let The IMF Publish Economic Report

Tanzania’s President, John Magufuli, won’t allow the International Monetary Fund to publish their usual report on the economy of that country. Quite rightly too – from the point of view of Magufuli that is for it would be most inconvenient politically. For what the report will and in fact does say is that his actions are screwing with that economy and its possibility for growth.

You know, the usual sort of thing we’ve seen with African strongmen over the decades.…

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That Mueller Report – No Collusion Between Trump Campaign And Russia

Not that this will stop the shouting even though it should – the Mueller report states that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump election campaign and the Russians. That is, Hillary lost the election because more of the relevant people wanted to vote not for her than for her. Which is, you know, pretty much how we’d like it to be in a democracy.

Oh, sure, some people have been jailed for things as a result of the Mueller investigations.…

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Mueller’s Report On Trump – No Collusion With Russia Over Election

So, that’s the Democratic Dog shot here, Robert Mueller’s report about that supposed Russian involvement in the American election campaign has been handed in. We’ve a four page summary of it as well. And the basic finding is Nope. They didn’t.

Great, so now perhaps we can all go off and discuss something more interesting? As we reported earlier this is pretty much what we knew the report said:

Mueller’s report on collusion between Donald Trump, Vova Putin and Russia over the Presidential election has been handed in.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wasted His Money On This Climate Report

Huzzah and celebrations because Leonardo DiCaprio has turned his river of money from the movies into a climate change report which shows us all how to save the planet and ourselves. Jubilations, eh?

There is, of course, ever such the slightest problem with such an exercise. They’ve gone off and looked at the world in a granular fashion, looking at regional electricity grids and plotting out how they might develop and all that. Sadly this very approach doesn’t work, it’s the planning delusion.…

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We Must Remember Oxfam’s Defence Here – There’s Rape And Then Rapey Rape

Oxfam’s found that certain numbers – large numbers possibly – of its staff have been sexually exploiting the vulnerable around the world. At which point we must remember to use this defence being given ourselves. It’s essentially the Whoopi Goldberg one, that there’s rape and then there’s that other kind, rapey rape.

Whoopi having an actual point, there is indeed a difference between waking up one morning and deciding that maybe that sex wasn’t good enough to justify having done it so cry sexual assault and let slip the dogs of the wymens’ committee and that stranger leaping out of the bushes to forcibly penetrate along with significant violence.…

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Ethnic Pay Gap Reporting – They’re Going To Get This Horribly, Horribly, Wrong

Theresa May has announced that companies will have to report their ethnic pay gaps. This is going to go horribly, horribly, wrong. Because the people running this are entirely ignorant of the most basic facts about ethnicity in the UK. Mass immigration is a fairly recent thing. Thus the age structures of the different “racial” populations are different. This means, righteously, that there are fewer ethnic minorities in those senior and well paid jobs than the ethnic portion of the general population would suggest there should be.…

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The Entire Idiocy Of Gender Pay Gap Reporting

This is actually quite marvellous, The Guardian’s report on the gender pay gap figures. For we’ve one just gorgeous little note:

In sport Millwall Holdings, the parent of the Millwall Football Club reported a pay gap of 80% in the hours before the deadline.

Hmm, would it be possible for us to explain this? Quite possibly, yes. The highly paid people in a football club are the football players. Maybe the manager and coach as well, but it’ll be the playing squad.…

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