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We Must Remember Oxfam’s Defence Here – There’s Rape And Then Rapey Rape

Oxfam’s found that certain numbers – large numbers possibly – of its staff have been sexually exploiting the vulnerable around the world. At which point we must remember to use this defence being given ourselves. It’s essentially the Whoopi Goldberg one, that there’s rape and then there’s that other kind, rapey rape.

Whoopi having an actual point, there is indeed a difference between waking up one morning and deciding that maybe that sex wasn’t good enough to justify having done it so cry sexual assault and let slip the dogs of the wymens’ committee and that stranger leaping out of the bushes to forcibly penetrate along with significant violence. But wasn’t Whoopi decried for trying to make that distinction?

All rape is rape and, by common agreement all sexual assault is just the capitalist patriarchy oppressing. To the point that a wolf whistle and a nice buns comment is equated with evisceration by dong.

So, now what happens when it is the left itself which is accused of that behaviour? Or, obviously enough, some members of an organisation on that left? For Oxfam most certainly are warriors in that battle against inequality, free trade and capitalism these days:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Helen Evans, a former Oxfam safeguarding chief, criticised the report for failing to distinguish between serious sexual violence and issues of workplace harassment. She said: “Let’s be clear: by sexual misconduct we mean rape, sexual assault and other serious crimes. These cannot and must not be equated with bullying and harassment”.[/perfectpullquote]

Oh, so we must distinguish, must we?

Well, that’s good to know. Be useful to remind ourselves of that next time a Nobel Laureate makes a joke.

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ian parkinson
ian parkinson
5 years ago

Gilette have withdrawn their sponsorship of oxfam as no longer believes their values are compatible

Steve Metz
Steve Metz
5 years ago

FWIW I believe Whoopi was defending Roman Polanski, who drugged and sodomized an underage girl. She shifted the “rape rape” demarcation line quite a bit farther than suggested above in defense of a fellow traveler.

In the U.S. there have been a few instances where a celebrity (usually with solid left wing bona fides) tried to make this point, a comment or joke isn’t equivalent to rape and has been thoroughly trashed for it.

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