Anti-Slavery And Trafficking Laws Increase The Amount Of Slavery And Trafficking

This is a pretty cool gig if you can manage to swing it. Be the person responsible for reducing slavery and trafficking – things we obviously want to reduce right down to zero – and then bring in laws which increase the amount of slavery and trafficking. So, the more you expend righteous effort to reduce these evils the more you find, the higher your budget and staff levels go and as a bureaucrat you’re in God’s Own Heaven.…

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The Difference Between Sex Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking, properly defined, is the repeated rape of an individual. This is monstrous and we should – and do – fight it wherever we can. Sexual exploitation is a phrase with a less certain meaning. For what is to exploit? A Marxist would say that any worker not gaining the full value of their labour is being exploited. A feminist – at least some of them – would say that any woman – they tend to forget the existence of male prostitution – selling sex is being exploited.…

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The True Face Of Human Trafficking For Sex Work

We hear much about how women are trafficked into the UK to then be rented out as sex slaves. This would be, and is if it happens, appalling. It would be and is repeated rape. It’s also one of these things which, if it does happen at all, is thankfully extremely rare. We actually had every police force in the country searching for it over 6 months, in Operation Pentameter, and they found precisely no one in the country they could prosecute for it.…

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Rotherham Here We Come Again – 31 Charged In Huddersfield For Child Rape And Trafficking

There’s something that has gone seriously wrong in certain Northern towns. For we’ve another of these cases of children being sexually abused, even raped and trafficked. This is not the “normal” sort of vileness that has always happened, this is something new. It’s the mass abuse of the vulnerable by a large group of people who seem to think them something less than human. This is what did happen in Rotherham and what is alleged did here in Huddersfield:

A gang of 31 people in Huddersfield have been charged with offences including rape and trafficking after an investigation into sexual offences against children.

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Contrary To The Guardian Pimps Can Be – But Aren’t – Sex Traffickers

The Guardian has one of those big investigations for us into the sex trade. Within which there’s one rather large problem which us economics types already know about. There’s a catalogue of things done by to and with prostitutes – many of which indeed shouldn’t be happening. But there’s then a categorisation from the specific to th e general which doesn’t stand. Or at least shouldn’t do so, despite it being something which is central to the debate about said sex trade.…

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How Damn Stupid – Closure Shows Communications Decency Act Isn’t Needed

This is a bit of real foolishness by those shouting about prostitution and sex trafficking in the US. For they’re celebrating how – the home of most of the paid sex ads out there – has been closed down by the Feds. And doing so as they talk about how the changes to the Communications Decency Act are so necessary in the fight against sex trafficking etc.

Yet has been closed down without the use of the changes in the CDA…..meaning that the changes aren’t necessary to close down Backpage, are they?…

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Anti-Trafficking Act Kills Craigslist Personals – Thanks, Congress, Just Thanks

Isn’t it wonderful when our rulers prevent entirely legal and enjoyable activity in the name of killing off an extremely rare crime? That’s what they’ve just done with their Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, they’ve killed off the odd art of the personals ad at places like Craigslist. All in the name, as the law implies of stopping sex trafficking, something which barely exists in the real world.

Yup, a near non-existent problem leads to killing off places where consenting adults can go ask “Anyone want to have sex with me?” So much for that freedom consenting adults are supposed to have then, eh?…

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