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Liverpool Wins Again

Liverpool is a great city with many famous deeds and many famous people to its glory. Home of the Beatles and Cilla Black, its surrounds also produced Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson. It is even more famous for its football team, which every year vied for the top spot, making “the Kop” and “the Reds” internationally recognizable terms; that was until Russian Money poured into Chelsea and Manchester City, giving them what many described as an unfair advantage.

It has now emerged that is shares a new distinction.  It is the lip-filler capital of the UK, the city where girls most like to pout.  Google searches for the procedure that enlarges the lips are more common in Liverpool than anywhere else in the UK.  It can only make the city more attractive to visitors.  A recent BBC news clip showed the procedure being performed, with telling quotes from its practitioners and recipients. 

It sort of ties in with the big bums,” says one practitioner [0026 seconds into the clip], while another perfectly expresses the libertarian attitude its users exhibit. “Leave everybody alone, and let everyone be happy,” is a message most of us would endorse [0056 seconds deep]

Liverpool girls might be making use of lip-filling to enhance their own feeling of well-being, but it must also increase the allure of the city to businessmen and potential investors, tempting them to come to the city to create jobs and opportunities.  It is as if Liverpool girls, with sultry lips made more appealing by the procedure, are saying, “Come to Liverpool with your investments and make your future here. Put your money where your mouth is. We already have.”

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Hallowed Be
Hallowed Be
6 years ago


6 years ago

It’s always next year that’s the year for Liverpool isn’t it?

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