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I Find Your Lack Of Faith…..Interesting.

Have you noticed how Leftist cult members now use the word “interesting”?

They use it in the same way Darth Vader used “disturbing”

Or the Gestapo used the word “problematic”

Oh no sorry, that’s the Left again.

Suffice to say, the Left co-opts language and uses it to indicate what views should be considered unacceptable when they cannot immediately identify exactly WHY.

In the Soviet Union they used “unsound”. At other times and places, words like “unpatriotic” have served the same purpose.

In the modern West, when a Leftie calls your views “interesting” they are not saying “Your views intrigue me – tell me more”

They are saying “Your views are objectionable but I can’t immediately counter them with actual arguments. So I’ll use the word “interesting” to let you know I don’t like them and there might be consequences if you continue”

It is a word used to insinuate disapproval – it’s a threat.

And it’s a sinister use of language – they now use “problematic” in the same way, to mean “I can’t immediately see how your views can be categorised as racist or sexist or some kind of phobia, but I would like to – it feels like they are probably dodgy and you should pipe down”

When someone starts a sentence “I find it interesting that you………………..” be on your guard – you are hearing a pronouncement from the new Gestapo.

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Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
5 years ago
5 years ago

It is not surprising that lefties convey disapproval or being out-of-fashion. Lefties chose leftism in order to belong and to be trendy, not as a result of analysis of human nature and the effects of enactments. That is why leftie initiatives usually fail to achieve even their own putative goals. Lefties dismiss the Laffer Curve; there is simply no adverse effect of asking “the rich” to pay “just a little more” of their “windfalls.” Bad government is equally good as good government. Local housewives writing Letters to the Editor do not state facts and reasoning, but say how “It’s sad”… Read more »

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