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The Guardian’s Discussion Of Race – The Blue Story Incident

As nuanced and detailed as we would always expect The Guardian to be on such a fashionable subject. Blue Story is a new film about two young black men. The background of the plot includes gang violence. One cinema chain as decided to stop showing it.

Why? According to The Guardian it’s waysist to do so:

The decision to ban the entire movie run comes in the context of a wider clampdown on black culture. Drill music has come under fire for allegedly inciting violence: YouTube has removed videos, police have tried to stop “gang members” making tracks, and some artists have been convicted for the crime of making music.

For years before this, the Metropolitan police had been targeting black and Asian music events, including bashment performances, using the notorious 696 form. Almost all forms of black music – grime, garage, jungle, hip hop and reggae – have at some point faced accusations of inciting antisocial behaviour. Black culture has to be heavily policed, we’re told.

Worth noting that there is no state, police or institutional involvement in this decision to cease showing the film. Instead, it’s one single private sector economic actor deciding that it would rather not show it. Because?

Blue Story, a BBC-backed gang film, has been banned from Vue cinemas following 25 ‘significant incidents’ at 16 cinemas on the day it was released, including a mass brawl involving youths armed with knives and machetes outside a screening in Birmingham.

The film, about a postcode war in south London, will not be shown in any of the chain’s UK venues after a riot at the Star City multiplex in Nechells, Birmingham, on Saturday.

Families queuing to watch the opening night of Frozen 2 at the cinema were horrified when a fight between three girls escalated into major disorder at 5.30pm.

Seven police officers were injured as they arrested five teenagers and used Tasers to clear a crowd of up to 100 people from the cinema, which was then closed for the night.

Pick the racism out of that Bubba.

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1 year ago

Hate Fact!

Mr Yan
Mr Yan
1 year ago

If black culture didn’t involve so much stabbing after some form of disrespect then it wouldn’t be cracked down on so much.

Why does a dumb ass kid thinks they are due any respect anyway. Other than drug dealing what have they done to earn respect?

Yes, I realise this is very generic (stereotypical) and doesn’t apply to all – just large parts of London and Birmingham.

1 year ago

Next y’all are going to insist that rap stop referring to women as bitches and ho’s. Haters gonna hate!

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