Morons And Demons

Why is it acceptable to wear a T-shirt with a hammer and sickle, but not a swastika?

Why is Che so chic, but Adolf so not?

His National Socialists killed six million, but the Communists in the USSR killed twenty million.

The Maoists killed almost 80 million.

Socialists, Communists, Maoists – over 100 million people dead just in the last century or so.

And yet these left-wing ideologies seem to be making a comeback in a way the Nazis aren’t – in America, the Democrats almost put forward a socialist instead of Hillary Clinton.…

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It’s hard to think against the herd – there’s often a price exacted for doing so. But it’s easy to think like everyone else – no trouble there.

Nice quiet life.

Of course this means that if you are going to be a contrarian, you’ll probably only be one if you have good reasons.

Ones solid enough to make it worthwhile taking some pain.

A bit of light ostracisation.

Of course, just because contrarians have reached their beliefs through a process of reasoning, doesn’t mean they are right.…

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Tax: Now Just The Price We Pay For Them To Leave Us Alone

There was a day when here in the West, government did things.

Useful things, that made the lives of people better.

Of course at the same time they did terrible useless things too, that made people’s lives worse.

But on average, it was generally accepted that the useful things they did were useful enough to tolerate the terrible things they did.

Those days are gone baby – they disappeared in the rear-view mirror a lonnnnnnng time ago.…

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Should We Roll, Or Was Admiral Ackbar Right?

On the 11th September 2001, two airliners were flown into the twin towers at the World Trade Centre in New York.

Thousands died.

That same day, another aircraft was hijacked – Flight 93.

From what we know, the hijackers were part of the larger plan that day, and intended to fly the aircraft into a target on the ground.

But the passengers on board got wind of what was happening, and realising that this was not a traditional hijacking, they understood their lives were forfeit unless they acted.…

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Swallow Your Pine Cone

I have previously written about how the EU hopes to achieve the outcome they wargamed and agreed with their pets in the europhile British establishment, and the process they are following.

As a quick reminder……….

Once Britain voted to leave, the EU worked to produce a treaty that we could be forced to sign that would trap us in the EU indefinitely. As is the wont of all politicians and bureaucrats, whenever they produce something truly awful, they tend to name it as misleadingly as possible.…

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Run Those Bums Outta Here

There’s been some arguments from those on the losing Remain side that referenda are not good ways to govern a country, and our MPs should exercise representative democracy to overturn the result.

They say that representative democracy is better because the average member of the public doesn’t have the time, inclination or education to read lots of complex documents, and we can’t logistically have a referendum every time a decision needs making anyway, so……………..yeah – representative democracy it is.…

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If We Can’t Appropriate Your Culture, What’s The Point?

The benefits of immigration are many.

Firstly, there are the economic benefits of skilled migrants – the doctors and nurses and engineers and computer programmers from abroad are filling a skills gap in our society that we cannot plug ourselves.

We need more skills of these types than we can generate in our own people, so we need to buy them off the shelf and allow immigrants with those skills to come here to work.

But what about unskilled migrants?…

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Brexiteer Naivete

Brussels is not run by democrats.

It is run by ex-communists determined to have a second shot at their statist dream – many of them emerged from collapsing Soviet states when the Soviet Union ended in 1989, and found jobs at the EU in the following years.

So given that most of these people were used to the politicking of Soviet satellite states, why did naïve Brexiteers like Hannan and Farage ever expect them to fight fair?…

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Hero Of The European Union

During the Cold War, it was accepted that we would recruit spies and so would they.

Oxford and Cambridge became notorious hunting grounds for the Soviet Union, as they sought out clever young lefties who they might convince to go full retard into communism and then spy for the Motherland.

They had some success with some dapper young gentlemen called Philby, Maclean, Burgess, Blunt and Cairncross – that’s a story for another day.

It was notable that during the whole affair, British intelligence simply refused to believe that one of their own had been corrupted.…

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The Fifth Column

For a few months now I have written about how the EU’s plan is increasingly transparent, and it is becoming possible to anticipate their every move.

I believe we are now so close to the outcome they wargamed a year ago, that the final week is now almost completely predictable.

For what it’s worth, here we go.

I said back at the start of the year that the EU don’t care about the backstop – it’s a non-issue for them:

“Your MP is now under maximum pressure to Vote.

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