Why Make Tampons More Expensive So The Capitalists Can Make More Profit?

As we know there mere idea that tampons and other such monthlies should pay tax is an outrage. Even that the European Union wouldn’t – until recently – allow us to remove the 5% VAT on them was something to be condemned. So, what are we to make of the idea that we should deliberately make them more expensive in order to benefit the capitalists?

No doubt feminists would be up in arms. Except if we talk about the development of a local tampon industry behind tariff barriers that’s exactly what we are doing.…

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Depicting Violence Against Women Terrible, Writing Just Great

A fun example of double standards here. We know the usual feminist argument against violent p0rno. This normalises such and makes men go out and do more. This is actually incorrect, we’ve proven this, The massive expansion of broadband and the associated trivially simple access to all sorts of p0rno has led to a fall in rape and other crimes of sexual violence against women.

Sure, certain incidences can, might, probably will have been, caused by the monkey see, monkey do experience.…

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Not A Good Start To A Guardian Article

You can expel an MP for fiddling expenses – but not violence or misogyny. Why?
Mandu Reid

Well, actually, yes, you can suffer a recall petition for violence and even misogyny.

As long as they avoid a custodial sentence, men who assault or harass cannot face recall from Commons. This is a scandal

No, actually, it’s not a scandal.

Mandu Reid is leader of the Women’s Equality party

It is, of course, the most dreadful patriarchy to insist that the leader of a political party know anything.…

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Pussy Hat Knitting Site – Ravelry – Bans Trump Support

That one of the websites which came up with, popularised, the pussy hat doesn’t like Donald Trump should be obvious. That Ravelry has gone on to ban any mention of support for Trump from its forums might seem a little more extreme. The reason given is not the usual Orange Man Bad either. It’s that support for Trump is objectively white supremacy. Which is probably reading a little more – or less if you prefer – into his political stances than is actually merited.…

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Female Firefighter Fitness Rule Changes – To Misunderstand What “Talent Pool” Means

Imagine the following. We decide for some reason or other that there should be many more male midwives. We have decided that the absence of male midwives means that we are missing the ability to draw from the widest talent pool possible. We also note that men more generally are uncaring brutes, entirely blind to such things as empathy, emotion and caring, meaning that the current rules selecting those who aid at that most important moment in a mother’s life need to be changed.…

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Stella Creasy’s Maternity Leave Whine – But Why Do We Have Elections In The First Place?

Stella Creasy is whining about maternity arrangements for MPs. She will, as and when the time comes, remain on full pay for as long as she desires to not go to Westminster etc. No one at all will check up on what she does nor how she does it. The cheques, from us, just keep arriving. Her job will be held open until the next election just like that of every other MP.

It’s probably the sweetest maternity deal in the world.…

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ITV’s Discrimination Against Male Scriptwriters

From The BBC

ITV will no longer commission comedy shows with all-male writers’ rooms, the broadcaster’s head of comedy has said. Saskia Schuster said she realised last year that “an awful lot of my comedy entertainment shows are made up of all-male writing teams”.


She said: “Too often the writing room is not sensitively run. It can be aggressive and slightly bullying.”

Again: And?

She has now changed ITV’s contracts, and female writers have been hired to join shows like ITV2’s Celebability.

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UN Insists Women Should Stay Home And Look After Their Babies

This seems a rather career limiting insistence by the United Nations – that women really must just stay home with their babies for the good of the future society. For that is what is being said with this statement that longer maternity leaves are, by definition, good:

UK among least family-friendly countries in OECD, survey finds
League table compiled based on parental leave and childcare levels puts UK in bottom third

The assumption really is that more maternity leave is better.…

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Socialism Is For Women, Capitalism For Men – Remove The Female Vote Therefore

An interesting little survey from the United States showing that this idea of votes for women was a bad one. Or, to be a little less jocular about it, that there really are differences between men and women, on average and in general, and it’s not just the details of the plumbing arrangements.

Four in 10 Americans prefer socialism to capitalism, poll finds

That just shows that four in ten are either dim or ill informed.…

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We’ll Never Solve The Rape Trial Problem And Not Just Because Men Are Pigs

Nor is our rape trial problem because we inhabit a patriarchy, nor even because the underlying problem is purely about consent to an entirely legal activity. It is, obviously enough, legal to have sex – we don’t go around jailing mothers purely on the grounds that they must have bumped uglies at some point. The defining line between rape and not rape is that issue of consent. Yes, of course, non-consent should be a crime, is a crime and will continue to be one.…

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