Google’s Think Tank Support – Bribery Or Blackmail?

The tech companies such as Google pay significant sums of money to varied think tanks and pressure groups. The aim of all this is obviously to influence the law about what Google may or may not do. There’s really no doubt about that.

And now to what there is doubt about. Is this a lightly concealed bribery, the tech giant’s money buying privilege in the political process? Or is it blackmail by the political process of the tech giants?…

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Labour’s Early Day Motion Supporting Theresa May Over Skripal

True, it’s some on the Labour backbenches supporting and signing up to an EDM in support of Theresa May. But then they’re doing so because they really don’t support Corbyn and what he’s saying about all this.

There’s even talk that some shadow frontbench spokespeople will go over this. For it is generally true that Corbyn – and even more Seumas Milne – aren’t going to criticise Russia for very much. They not having quite got it that Uncle Joe and communism are both dead.…

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The Sinful Horde

Those on the Left think raising prices during a disaster is cruel.

And those on the Right think raising prices in a disaster will save lives.

Notice how the two sides are concerned about different things.

On the Left, some are primarily concerned with being seen to care (I think it’s called virtue-signalling?), and presumably some genuinely believe that if you just care enough all will be well – motives are all that matter.

On the Right, people are generally a bit more hard-headed – they care less about being seen to care, and primarily care about what actually works.…

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Taking over from parents

The UK government is now considering legal limits on the number of hours children can spend on social media. There is already a minimum age of 13 for sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but no checks on whether children enter their age accurately. Now government says they will have to prove their age, though they don’t say how a 13 year-old without a passport can do that. A .pdf of a birth certificate is easily forged.…

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Social Media Panic – Quick, Do Something, Anything!

Rather too much of politics works upon the following lines. Something must be done, this is something, therefore we must do this. Good and hard.

Whether something must be done isn’t considered enough, the viability of what will be done is rarely considered at all and that’s how we end up with the modern world we have:

Teenagers’ social media usage will be limited to no more than a few hours browsing under new proposals outlined by ministers, it has emerged.

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Does the Tory establishment fear that Rees-Mogg is their Corbyn?

It’s clear that the wet Tory establishment is not keen on Jacob Rees-Mogg. On the surface that appears to be because he holds robust views that are at odds with theirs: he’s an actual Conservative, and they are, of course, anything but. But I wonder if there’s a deeper fear there as well: do they worry that if Rees-Mogg becomes leader then the party will slip out of their grasp in the way that Labour was taken over by hard-left, Momentum commies?…

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Owen Jones Protests Again His Own Saudi Paymasters

There are three possible explanations for this from Owen Jones. He’s advocating a march on Downing Street to protest against the “Saudi Tyrant.” Owen Jones makes his living writing for The Guardian, a newspaper which happily runs advertisements lauding that same “tyrant.” Thus we’ve got those three possible explanations for this:

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Congratulations to Venezuela – Socialism In An Empty Country

It’s remarkable how attempts to build socialism seem to end up in an empty country, isn’t it? It’s almost as if the system is one that actual humans don’t like very much. Which couldn’t be possible in the slightest now, could it, given that the system is by and of the people for the people.

More than half of young Venezuelans want to move abroad permanently, after food shortages, violence and a political crisis escalated to new extremes in 2017, according to a new survey.

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The Only Leader Henry Bolton’s One Nation Translates As Either Ein Volk or Ein Reich

It takes vast amounts of chutzpah and hard work to get a new political party up off the ground. When you have already shown that you’ve not got enough of one nor are willing to do enough of the other to keep an extant political party afloat then perhaps setting up new political parties just isn’t going to be quite your thing.

But The Numpty, Henry Bolton, is going to have a go:

The ousted former UKIP leader Henry Bolton has announced plans to set up a new political party.

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The Colonies: Bernie Sanders’ Son Suggests a Campaign of Competing Gimmicks

Bernie Sanders’ only begotten son, Levi, is running for Congress in the state of New Hampshire, though he doesn’t have to file papers for three months and doesn’t yet live in the target Congressional district. (The Constitution only requires one to live in the relevant state, but a campaign away from home would be an embarrassment.)

Levi’s home in Claremont is in the Second of the two districts: rural inland towns to the west and north.…

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