Free Tit Jobs In Tamil Nadu – Why Not, Votes Can Be Bought

A fairly rumbustious approach to this story from southern India, the state of Tamil Nadu will now offer free breast surgery to women who desire it. With, of course, a special emphasis upon the poorer sections of society getting first dibs at the process. yes, of course, sometimes this is a necessary response to some other event, reconstruction after cancer surgery for example. But let’s be honest about it, much of it is indeed simply tit jobs not breast surgery.…

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As Donald Tusk Says, There’s No Point In Negotiating With the EU Over Brexit

There’s much shouting going on over how we should be negotiating with the European Union concerning trade and other matters post-Brexit. Yet as Donald Tusk has repeated, there’s really no point to much of it. Arguments about whether we can have some form of bespoke membership of the single Market just aren’t worth having. And given that that’s true then all of the arguments about membership in any form of the single Market, even of the customs union, are piffle.…

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Let Adelson Pay For the US Jerusalem Embassy – Pecunia Non Olet After All

This is one of those things with all the potential to cause outrage – Sheldon Adelson is offering to pay some part at least of the cost of the new US embassy in Jerusalem. One part of the controversy will just be the usual screams of zionists oppressing Palestinians which accompany absolutely anything to do with Israel. A slightly more believable set of objections will come from those who insist that we just don’t do this sort of thing.…

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Public Electoral Funding Would Revolutionise Politics

From our ever popular series of “Questions in Salon we can answer” comes this one about public electoral funding:

Could public funding of elections revolutionize politics?


Obviously and clearly the answer here is yes. Only those who were able to gain access to public funding could get elected. This isn’t quite such a beneficial, nor beneficient, feature as some might think. In fact, among those who can think it’s generally agreed to be a very bad idea indeed.…

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Jeremy Corbyn mutters about press censorship

One of our problems with Jeremy Corbyn is that it’s difficult to know whether he actually means what he says. Our own supposition is that he doesn’t understand what he says himself – he doesn’t think through to second and third order consequences. Not a good chess player in other words. So it is with this, which looks like a call for some sort of political censorship of the press:

Jeremy Corbyn has warned the media that “change is coming” if he becomes prime minister as he described disclosures about his meetings with a Communist spy as “lies and smears”.

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