Everest Congestion Proves That Competition Really Does Kill

It’s a standard assertion of those who would plan our lives for us that the chaos of simple market competition kills people. That’s why we can’t have competition in the NHS, or electricity, or, in fact, anywhere the planners would like to claim personal power. The thing is, they’re right too, as this story about congestion on the summit of Everest shows.

Hundreds of climbers hoping to make it to the summit of the world’s tallest mountain were forced to queue for hours in freezing temperatures at high altitude this week as congestion built up on Mount Everest.

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Zimbabwe’s One Sensible Economic Move – Abolishing The Special Exchange Rate For Fuel Purchases

Something that’s just so hard to get across to people is that special exemptions and treatments for certain parts of the economy just don’t work. People are interested in money and they’ll exploit any system at all to try and get it. Thus this move to using the basic market exchange rate for fuel purchases is a step forward for Zimbabwe’s economy – for it removes one of those exploitable special treatments.

Sure, it means that fuel prices have gone up.…

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Another Polio Officer Shot Dead In Pakistan – We Do Want To Kill Off Polio, Right?

That we have our own problems with the anti-vaccine crowd is obvious enough. Those who fail to understand what a bitch Mother Nature is, how she and evolution want to eat your children. Thus they decry vaccines as unnatural and wish to leave their children to the deaths that so many before them suffered:

In the past, our ancestors were subjected to full-strength, undiluted, CFC-free, pure-organic, additive-free natural selection. The biggest recipients were young children, for which evolution had the greatest appetite of all.

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Uganda’s Miss Curvy Contest 2019 Has A Winner – Belinda Nansaasi

A couple of months back there was a little disturbance in the space time continuum as Uganda decided to try to popularise itself as a tourist destination by running a “Miss Curvy” contest. Ample women having, so the local culture has it, ample charms so why not flaunt such to get people coming to the country?

To be sure, feminists didn’t quite see it as that:

Uganda has unveiled a new tourism strategy that focuses on promoting its “naturally endowed nice-looking women”.

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Uganda’s Mariam Nabatanzi – One Woman, 38 Surviving Children

This is going to be close to some sort of global record, one Ugandan woman, Mariam Nabatanzi, has 38 surviving children. She’s not aided by the fact that her husband recently abandoned her and the children. To give an example of what it means to be in a household that size the daily ration is 25 kg of maize flour.

Ah, to explain. In much of sub-Saharan Africa the basic meal, the foundational stodge, is mealie meal.…

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Dear Zimbabwe, Stop Setting The Petrol Price Too Low, Yours Etc, Reality

If we could actually get the universe to write letters to people that’s what the current one to the Zimbabwean Government would read :

Sirs Please stop setting the petrol price too low Yours etc Reality.

Because that’s what they’re doing, setting it too low. No, I know, no one can afford the stuff, there’s a shortage and all that. And that there’s a shortage is the very proof we need that the price is too low.…

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You Can’t Flee Zimbabwe – Government Out Of Money To Buy Passport Paper

There are certain bits of government that are actually necessary, there are certain things which simply must be imported to aid in doing those essential government actions. A good signal, symbol, of government falling into catastrophic disorder is when the trivial sums necessary to purchase such imports prevent those necessary things from being done.

There was an example of this under Mugabe. That 100 trillion Zim $ note we all make fun of. The only reason they didn’t carry on printing was because those notes weren’t worth enough to buy the ink necessary to print further notes.…

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How Silly Is This? Malaysia Subsidises Sugar So Much People Smuggle It

Most of the world is desperately trying to reduce the amount of sugar people eat. There are calls for taxes on anything which does contain sugar, several places – including the UK – have extra taxes on soda pop because of that sugar content and so on. That sugar consumption is already down from historical levels is something people seem keen not to acknowledge.

Then there’s people at the other end of the silliness spectrum like Malaysia.…

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Maybe India’s Right – RBI States Cryptocurrency Adds Nothing To The Economy

This new document from the Reserve Bank of India is less than an outright condemnation of cryptocurrency even while it points to officialdom thinking that way. Other actions also rather show the official disapproval of the new technology. And who knows, they might well be right. It’s not obvious or even apparent that there’s anything in cryptocurrency that is of great use to anyone.

That doesn’t mean that a ban is justified – there are plenty of things which are of no great use which we don’t ban, vide Simon Cowell.…

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Not Good News For Zimbabwe – VP Mohadi Above The Law It Seems

A useful test of how well a country is doing is whether those who purport to rule it are subject to the same laws as everyone else. If not then you’re going to get – if you haven’t already – capricious government. Capricity not being a good sign in government. So, just as an example, the recent jailing of a British MP for lying in court is a good sign. No, not a joy at an MP lying, but that she was indeed charged, tried and sentenced just like anyone else would have been over the same issue.…

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