Proof That Feminism Won – Capitalism Is Co-opting It

Some women are never pleased. Proof perfect that the feminist project has in fact won is seen as a terrible imposition of yet more of the patriarchy:

For the past 10 years, capitalism has been co-opting the language of sexual equality and feminism in order to sell us a new flavour of mass consumerism – keyrings in the shape of Venus symbols, mugs printed with Maya Angelou quotes, T-shirts sewn by women of colour in economically developing countries under slave conditions that say Women are the Future across the tits.

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Capitalism Is Just So Intensely Feminist

If we think over the problems that the wealth and income of capitalism have solved for us we’d have to conclude that it’s the most feminist socioeconomic system ever. It wasn’t the state that invented nor popularised the vacuum cleaner, microwave, disposable nappy nor washing machine. I’ve actually owned a Soviet washing machine and it was hardly a machine and didn’t wash*. It is all of this that has led to the economic liberation of women to all our benefits.…

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So Why Don’t These Feminist Investors Start Their Own VC Firms?

A standard mantra of the modern world – women are just as good as men at everything. Plus, obviously, very much better at other things. That famed empathy and nurturing for example. This entirely missing the point of comparative advantage of course. The only non-trivial and non-obvious result in all of the social sciences.

That one bit of Ricardo being all we need to explain this:

‘Bro culture’ means nearly half of UK’s venture capital firms still have no women in senior roles


Almost half of Britain’s venture capital firms have no women working in senior investment roles, a new report has found.

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So That’s No Platforming Entirely Out And Not Allowed Then

The current day sees large numbers of people insistent that they are the holders of the absolute truth. Even, that those who disagree should not be given the oxygen of publicity. Thus we get to the idea of no platforming, something which is increasingly prevalent in academia. Have those wrong views – the insistence will be spouting untruths but often enough it’s the wrong view – and you’re not allowed to speak at a university, for example.…

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Turn The Office Heating Down – Women Feel It More Than Men

An interesting assumption is being made here. It’s entirely true that optimal temperatures – on average of course – for men and women are different. Hmm, no, humans themselves are the same temperature, we mean environmental temperature in which the human is placed. Men’s greater muscle mass means they function best at slightly lower temperatures than women do.

OK, all that’s well known and this recent research just shows it all again. What’s interesting though is what should be done about it.…

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Weird, Gender Equal Countries – Sweden – Have More Partner Violence Against Women Than Patriarchal Places Like Spain

The general assumption – well, we all assume it’s true because every damn feminist on the planet keeps telling us it’s true – that intimate partner violence is because of the inequalities of the patriarchy. Or capitalism for the really extreme explanations. If only we were a more equal society – economically and also in gender rights – then such violence would diminish to the point of entirely vanishing away.

As it turns out this isn’t true, not remotely so.…

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Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Children – This Is Prejudice Or Reality?

It is possible that having children, becoming a mother, is simply something that happens in life and that doesn’t then affect nor influence other parts of that same passage from cradle to grave. It is also possible that it is an event that changes attitudes, aptitudes and desires. This would appear to be an empirical question, not something we either should or even can have an ideological commitment to or view of.

That isn’t how it works of course.…

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Men And Women Differ About Competition – A Cause Of The Gender Pay Gap

Than men and women have different – on average of course – appetites for risk is well known. That this extends to different attitudes toward risk isn’t all that surprising. From South Korea we find that this difference contributes substantially to the gender pay gap. That is, there is something inherent about male and female that leads to different economic situations. Why this should be such a surprise n a sexually dimorphic species is unknown:

Gendered behaviour under psychological pressure: Evidence from a Korean quiz show
Alison Booth, Jungmin Lee 11 May 2019

The gender pay gap in South Korea is the highest in the OECD and South Korean women are under-represented in public life.…

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Ignorant Feminism – The Lefty Problem, Way Too Much Faith In Marketing And Advertising

That women’s sport generally offers less money to those partaking is true. That women’s sport generally has fewer people watching it, fewer people willing to pay for it, is also true. Quite why these are so is an interesting question.

One logical answer would be that we’re a sexually dimorphic species, that we differ in certain manners dependent upon our gonadal arrangements. Earlier generations would not find this problematic to believe in. We can even today make a reasonable case that men are into team sports because that’s one of the things that males do.…

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If Public Administration Paid Like Software, Would We See So Much Feminist Whining About Stem?

It’s entirely true that there is a certain gender disparity in the number of people employed to write software. This is not unusual in our society. There are gender disparities in may things. There’s a definite lack of female miners for example. There’s no reason why women shouldn’t or couldn’t be electricity repair linemen but there don’t seem to be many of them.

It’s even true that there’s a disparity in who trains to do which jobs.…

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