The Ongoing Disaster Which Is Brexit – Why Not Just Leave And Leave Hard?

That I am in favour of Brexit should be fairly obvious, I even stood as an MEP candidate for Ukip so, yes, obviously. However, that then brings us to the question of How Brexit? To which my answer would be just let’s go. And if necessary let’s go hard. Without the details sorted, without the jots and tittles having been inked in.

No, not because I think this is the best way that could exist in some ethereal plane, but because I think it’s rather the best we’re likely to get in this one.…

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Ethnic Pay Gap Reporting – They’re Going To Get This Horribly, Horribly, Wrong

Theresa May has announced that companies will have to report their ethnic pay gaps. This is going to go horribly, horribly, wrong. Because the people running this are entirely ignorant of the most basic facts about ethnicity in the UK. Mass immigration is a fairly recent thing. Thus the age structures of the different “racial” populations are different. This means, righteously, that there are fewer ethnic minorities in those senior and well paid jobs than the ethnic portion of the general population would suggest there should be.…

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Michel Barnier Sinks May’s Chequers Deal – As We Knew He Would

The only real surprise about this from Michel Barnier is how long it’s taken him to say it. That Chequers deal that Theresa May stitched together, the one that unstitched her Cabinet, fails as a method of persuading the European Union to do a deal. We all knew this was going to be so of course. We were never going to get any one of the four freedoms without accepting all four of them. So, no free movement of goods without the free movement of people, exactly the chasm bridging that the Chequers deal tried to achieve.…

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Soft Brexit? Homeopathic Brexit More Like.

At the start of the Brexit process, a Remainer departed, and a different Remainer was selected to lead.

Almost as if the EU had handpicked their chosen counter-party in this negotiation.

Since then, Theresa May has obligingly conceded, compromised or appeased the EU on every major area under discussion, while claiming disengenuously that “Brexit means Brexit”.

She has diluted the wishes of her countrymen out of existence yet claims they will be honoured – she asks us to believe in her Homeopathic Brexit.…

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David Davis Resigns – No, This Probably Isn’t The Start Of It

We can hope of course but David Davis resigning Brexit Secretary probably isn’t the start of it. “It” being that near revolution needed to be serious about this process of leaving the European Union. For as yet there’s really near no one taking this all in the manner in which proper grown up adults should be. Which is that we’re leaving, so, let’s get ready to do that.

So Mrs May is not yet at the last chance saloon.

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Theresa Says You Should Stay In Your Cell

On June 23rd 2016 the British people told the world that they think membership of the EU is bad for Britain and they want to leave.

Since that date, Remaniacs (by which I mean Theresa May, Philip Hammond, the Labour Party, the Green Party, the SNP, the labour unions, the educational establishment, the film and TV industry, most British corporations, most quangos, the judiciary, the legal establishment, the mainstream media and most of the Tory Party) have all decided to ignore that.…

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Labour’s Early Day Motion Supporting Theresa May Over Skripal

True, it’s some on the Labour backbenches supporting and signing up to an EDM in support of Theresa May. But then they’re doing so because they really don’t support Corbyn and what he’s saying about all this.

There’s even talk that some shadow frontbench spokespeople will go over this. For it is generally true that Corbyn – and even more Seumas Milne – aren’t going to criticise Russia for very much. They not having quite got it that Uncle Joe and communism are both dead.…

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The Absurdity of Bans On Bogof Biscuits

Every society does, at times, lose its mind. Here we’ve a lovely example of ours doing so right now. There are plans afoot to ban two for one, or Bogof, deals on biscuits.

There’s the obvious point that aren’t we in a lovely place? There are no serious problems to worry about and the very expensive resources of government can be directed at such trivia. Usefully we might ponder, in fact, whether we need quite so much government if this is the sort of nonsense they’re going to spend our cash upon.…

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Indeed The EU Has – Which Is Why We’re Leaving

We can, roughly enough, lay out two variants of what is happening with the European Union. One is that varied peoples who share geographical proximity decide to get together a bit to mutual benefit. Get rid of a few of the things that divide while still retaining those sparkling cultural differences which explain why Europe got rich in the first place – it is a reasonable explanation of why we did, that we were competing with each other.…

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