Oxfam Picked The Right Man To Cover Up The Sex Scandal

This is excellent news here. A charity has chosen a leader not because they’re politically right on, not because they spout all the fashionable mantras, but because they actually know something about the subject under discussion. Would that every such taxpayer funded bureaucracy – and don’t think that Oxfam isn’t one of those – do the same. Hire someone who actually knows what they’re doing:

The chief executive of Oxfam who vowed to clean up the charity after the Haiti sex scandal has been forced to deny covering up similar wrongdoing at his former workplace.

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We Must Remember Oxfam’s Defence Here – There’s Rape And Then Rapey Rape

Oxfam’s found that certain numbers – large numbers possibly – of its staff have been sexually exploiting the vulnerable around the world. At which point we must remember to use this defence being given ourselves. It’s essentially the Whoopi Goldberg one, that there’s rape and then there’s that other kind, rapey rape.

Whoopi having an actual point, there is indeed a difference between waking up one morning and deciding that maybe that sex wasn’t good enough to justify having done it so cry sexual assault and let slip the dogs of the wymens’ committee and that stranger leaping out of the bushes to forcibly penetrate along with significant violence.…

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Quite Glorious, Oxfam Received Tax Relief For Moving Its Headquarters

It’s an entirely standard complaint among the righteous that corporations abuse tax reliefs by demanding them for moving to a particular place. This robs the revenue of – well, we can all fill in that part, can’t we? A little looking around and we’d have no problem in finding Oxfam itself railing against such practices. And there’s justice to the complaint too. If tax reliefs are necessary to get someone to set up in business somewhere then why not extend that relief to all who would set up in business there?…

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Oxfam’s Logical Failure Over Inequality

Oxfam is indulging itself in a little bit of backcasting. Actually, not just bits or gobbets but vast steaming piles of it. This is the practice of taking a result you like, then assuming back to what causes it. Then you construct an index – if you’re going to propagandise – from your backcasting and you’ve a tool to berate all. Oxfam assuming – good little progressives that they are – that a high tax, high spending socio-economic environment is desirable, so they’ve constructed to insist that all should be doing this.…

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Why Do Peasant Farmers Have To Live Like, Well, Peasants?

You never have to trawl far through the writings of the likes of Oxfam, Save the Children and the rest to find them extolling “smallholder farming.” What they actually mean is that a couple of billion people should be condemned to live as peasants for all eternity. For that’s what smallholder actually means, someone trying to scrape a living out of a half hectare of maize. It’s possible, it must be for a couple of billion do it, but it ain’t pleasant.…

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First They Came For Oxfam But Because I Was Not Oxfam….

We could parody that rather famous line or perhaps we could ascribe this sex scandal in charities in rather more vernacular fashion, there but for the grace of God go…..there being an interesting point here over and above just being able to point at the holier than thou.

For of course the argument from Oxfam, Save the Children, Action Aid and all the rest has been that they are doing good. Therefore we should just shut up and shovel the money their way.…

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Markets Work – Even In Sex Work, In Haiti, With Oxfam

An interesting and useful reminder that markets do actually work. Yes, even after earthquakes, with aid agencies like Oxfam around and even in the sex trade. Such voluntary exchange also makes all participants better off. That might not be how some want to think about it but it is still true – we can tell that because people are doing this of their own volition.

It’s also a useful reminder of the manner in which those first couple of pages of the economics textbook are correct.…

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