The Police’s Problem With Nutters – Or Our Problem With The Police?

A quite startling claim here, that some vast proportion of police time is used in dealing with nutters having a public spasm rather than what we might prefer them to be doing, nicking crims. Perhaps that care in the community idea might be worth revisiting?

Police are spending at least 40 per cent of their time dealing with people with mental ill health rather than fighting crime, the Police Federation has warned.

John Apter, the Federation’s chairman, said police were now devoting 80 per cent of their time to non-crime related incidents, the “lion’s share” of which were because of a mental health crisis.

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Christiansen and Shaxson Are Either Lying Or Grossly Ignorant On The Subject Of PFI

John Christensen and Nick Shaxson have put together a submission to an inquiry into wealth inequality in the UK. In the course of which they reveal that we should all have serious concerns over their potential access to sharp objects. Actually, to their ability to chew gum and fart at the same time.

Or, of course, it is possible that instead of merely being remarkably ignorant of the subject under discussion they’re lying for some political reason.…

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Police Complain The Big Tech Is Too Efficient At Discovering And Reporting Child Abuse Online

You’ll recall how not long ago, mere femtoseconds in fact, the complaint was that Big Tech – the Facebook, Google, Twitters, who the hell knows maybe LinkedIn – nexus wasn’t doing enough to stop child abuse images circulating online. Something must be done, we should nationalise, or control, or force them, or summat. This must not stand!

So, something does happen, more of the child abuse that does circulate online is checked upon, found, filtered, and reported.…

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Another Polio Officer Shot Dead In Pakistan – We Do Want To Kill Off Polio, Right?

That we have our own problems with the anti-vaccine crowd is obvious enough. Those who fail to understand what a bitch Mother Nature is, how she and evolution want to eat your children. Thus they decry vaccines as unnatural and wish to leave their children to the deaths that so many before them suffered:

In the past, our ancestors were subjected to full-strength, undiluted, CFC-free, pure-organic, additive-free natural selection. The biggest recipients were young children, for which evolution had the greatest appetite of all.

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Transphobic Hate Or A Reverse Ferret Into Harassment?

The story of women being interviewed by the police for their allegedly hateful transphobic comments – something which is legal by the way, it is not hateful comments which are illegal but actual hate inducing comments – starts to get even better. It would appear that we’ve not really got some mob firing up the pitchforks but something between an overprotective mother and a monomaniac on the other side of this.

Let us, just for the moment, accept that there should be a law against hate.…

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Sarah Thornton’s Positive Discrimination – Just Leave It To Time And Death Dear

That we might be a little out of step with the ruling ethos of our era can be seen as our own problem. Reality out there is what it is, madness is refusing to adapt to it. Then we’ve got idiocies like this which are a failure of basic logic, nothing to do with aims or desires at all.

So, the basic problem Sarah Thornton has identified. The BAME population of the country is x%, the police BAME is y%, this is a problem for x != y.…

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Facepalm – Police Admit Gatwick Drones Could Have Been Police Surveillance Drones

The police have now admitted that at least some of the sightings of drones at Gatwick – you know, the stuff that closed the airport for a day and more – could have been of the police’s own surveillance drones. It’s possible to wonder whether Plod should be allowed technology more advanced than a whistle and a truncheon really – tho’ even then they’d be able to grasp the wrong end of that, no?

This is after their earlier admission that perhaps there weren’t any drones at all, it could all have been an outbreak of mass hysteria and visions.…

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I Was Meeting a FRIEND! Duh.

I went into a pub last week.

Not to buy anything – I was just meeting a friend there.

And then after a while I needed to use the toilet.

And guess what they said?

Get this – they said “I’m sorry sir, but the facilities are reserved for patrons. If you want to use the facilities, you’ll have to buy something”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

I assumed they were joking, and went and used the toilet anyway, and when I came out the manager was waiting for me – he insisted that I’d been told the use of the facilities was reserved for customers, and by disregarding that policy I was breaking the rules of their establishment.…

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British Police Just Got A Pay Rise, Busting Public Sector Pay Restraint

Imagine that you want to give your workers a pay rise. But you don’t actually control their pay, someone a level above you controls that part of the budget. Bit difficult then, isn’t it? But then you realise that you do control some other part of working conditions. What you could therefore do is change some other part of the working conditions so that your workers are better off but without having to ask for that bound to be refused permission from the level above.…

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Institutional Racism Or Damn Good Gig?

Here we face one of those interesting little conundrums. We have evidence – not the complete amount to be sure – of something. But what is it that we’ve got that evidence of? It is possible to read this in two very different ways. One is that London’s various police organisations are horribly racist and oppressive to anyone not shiny pink. Another is that someone’s got a taste of the compensation culture and would like some more.…

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