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Another Proof That Capitalism Is The Most Feminist Economic System

It always puzzles why feminists tend to be of the lefty persuasion. To the point where a goodly portion of the shrieking harpies* insist that only the overthrow of capitalism can possibly provide true female liberation. Which is tosh of course, for capitalism is the most feminist economic system we’ve ever used. A nice proof of which is this little chart:

Do note that decline in infant death rates long predates the New Deal and all that. It’s simple economic wealth that causes it, not the redistribution of it. And why wouldn’t it be? Parents don’t want to have to bury their children so any increase in income or wealth above mere subsistence will have a portion diverted to keeping them alive.

More on this here.

Play with those numbers how you wish. The startling decline in mothers weeping bitterly over white coffins happens as and about capitalism takes root in any particular time or place. No other economic system has ever managed to do this. Yes, we probably do think that women not burying their children is feminist. Thus capitalism is that most feminist economic system.

*If you’re a feminist and not a shrieking harpy then this doesn’t include you, does it?

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