How Not To Do Science – Bedhopping Aristocracy

We’ll not bother to go into who gets this wrong, the Telegraph or the scientists, but wrong it is. What they’re measuring is the rate of unacknowledged, or even unknown, bastardy. While claiming to be measuring the rate of bastardy. The two really aren’t the same thing.

The myth of the bed-hopping aristocracy has been debunked after researchers discovered that historically the lower classes are 12 times more likely to have had illegitimate children than those of higher ranks.

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Why There’s No Such Thing As Truly Strategic Materials

Much is made these days of the argument that there are strategic materials that any one economy must be able to supply for itself. The US must be able to provide – supply or at least refine – rare earth metals. Or Britain must retain primary steel making ability. As it happens this isn’t really true. As study of the past, where we tried to deprive people of similarly “strategic” materials shows:

Economic warfare: Insights from Mançur Olson
Mark Harrison 14 November 2019

Economic warfare was widely used in WWII.…

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Jolyon Maugham’s Offer To Brexit Party Candidates

This shows a certain party political bias, doesn’t it? Are people allowed to do that in an election period without registering as being political?

For presumably the same applies to those Plaid candidates who must stand down for Lib Dems, Greens who must step aside for Plaid and so on?…

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And Yet Endometriosis Literally Is Hysterical

Yet another of these whines, whinges, that medicine doesn’t understand women’s bodies. This all being a patriarchal, no doubt capitalist, oppression of women.

Well, no, not really. Historically dissection was only carried out on the cadavers of executed criminals. Very many fewer women were so killed in a manner that allowed such than men. Burning at the stake, for example, doesn’t leave much to examine. Hanging does.

In more modern times we tend not to test out drugs on women.…

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American Medical Bankruptcies

There are indeed things wrong with the American system of health care. It’s not a system we’d recommend to anyone at all, despite the manner in which we Europeans get our pharma research subsidised by it.

However, even given that we’d still insist that it’s important to understand what is wrong with it. And it’s not medical bankruptcies:

It’s been over a dozen years since Susanne LeClair of West Palm Beach, Florida, was first diagnosed with cancer, she’s been fighting ever since.

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We’re on Maya’s Side Here

We’re on Maya Forstater’s side here for two different reasons.

A tax expert who lost her job for tweeting that transgender women are not women yesterday took her case to an employment tribunal arguing that her dismissal amounted to discrimination against her beliefs.

Maya Forstater, 45, lost her job from the Centre for Global Development (CGD) in March this year after she was accused of publishing offensive tweets questioning government proposals to allow people to self-identify as the opposite sex.

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Witchcraft Is Believing In A Culturally Different Set Of Woo

Of course, we’re all entirely rationalists. Given our tagline around here we can hardly be otherwise, can we? But we can extend this a little more. Every grouping, every culture, insists that there are certain hard truths about the world and the one that comes after it. And witchcraft is being on the wrong side of those obvious and evident truths.

People from other groupings and cultures are going to be guilty of that witchcraft given that they’ve got a different set of such truths.…

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Chile’s Inequality Revolt – So, When Do The Riots Start In Costa Rica?

There’s a certain amount of rioting going on in Chile at present. All commentators are entirely convinced that this is about inequality. That dastardly Milton Friedman taught Pinochet’s lads about the joys of free markets and look what happened! Inequality and rioting.

Except, well, if it’s inequality causing the riots then where are the similar riots in Costa Rica?

This does hidden damage to fabric of a city. Unwritten divisions of income that everyone in Santiago understands delineate places and activities.

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Apple’s Credit Card Should Be Sexist

The artificial intelligence that runs Apple’s new credit card – in association with Goldman Sachs – is apparently sexist. Good, it should be.

For the point about AIs, ‘bots and all the rest is that they’re an attempt to describe the world around us. That’s the only way they’re useful or effective, that they illuminate something of the reality surrounding us.

For example, should – just to pick an example – Burmese children be stunted through malnutrition?…

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Women Commit Crimes To Pay For Drugs For Others

This is what we’re being told at least, that women tend to commit crimes so as to pay for the drugs of another. This is clearly showing how women take responsibility for the wider family, the household, it’s part of caring and sharing and thus don’t jail women.

On the other hand we could consider the actual findings, rather than the gloss:

Half of the women in prison committed crimes to support another person’s drug use, mostly men, prison charities have revealed.

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