Completely Missing The Point About The Lake District And Diversity

Yes, yes, we all know that diversity is the mantra of our age, the value above which nothing can be placed. It’s still entirely possible for people to misunderstand matters though, as here:

The head of the Lake District National Park Authority in Cumbria says the rugged landscape excludes too many people and must change to attract a more diverse mix of visitors.

The entire point of heritage sites and national parks is that things must not be changed.…

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Dear Lord This Is Stupid – IMF’s Christine Lagarde On Gender Diversity

It’s something between horrifying and delightful to see such a glorious missing of the point in this missive from Christine Lagarde concerning the gender diversity of the workforce. Horrifying that it has been missed, delightful to find that we’re ruled by those quite so blind – for it means that we can dismiss much else of what they say where we’re merely unsure if they’re wrong.

So, what she’s saying is that in many of the usual measures we can see that having a gender diverse workforce increases production for the same total labour input.

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The Trouble With Diversity At American Newspapers

Diversity, the desire for it, the necessity of it, is the mantra of our age. It’s also something that is horribly misunderstood. It’s entirely possible – note, possible, not necessarily proven – that diversity of outlook, of viewpoint, brings something to a grouping or organisation. There really is such a thing as groupthink and it does have its perils – so, differing views in order to avoid that, why not?

But this isn’t to also say that diversity of melanin content, or gonadal arrangement or preference, is diversity in this useful and important sense.…

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Alphabet’s – Google’s Parent Co – Shareholders Don’t Think Workforce Diversity Increases Profits

One of the commonplaces de nos jours is that workforce diversity increases profits within a corporation. There are a couple of problems with this idea but the truly important point here is that it tends not to be the shareholders who think this. And they do own those companies. So, if they don’t believe it then it’s not something that they’re going to insist management does, is it? Which is the case we’ve got here at Alphabet, the company which owns Google:

Alphabet Inc’s shareholders, including top executives, voted down several proposals on Wednesday, defeating campaigns to tie pay to diversity goals and to get the Google parent to provide more data about efforts to moderate user-generated content.

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Today’s Terrible Idea – University Price Setting By Regulatory Diversity Targets

From the Annals of Truly Terrible Ideas comes this suggestion from the universities regulator. Apparently the idea is that they will determine market prices through regulation. That regulation being based upon how well, or how well not, diversity targets are met. This is to substitute a planned economy for the market one, which is to reverse the very point of having freed the universities to charge fees in the first place. It’s also a violation of that grand experiment we call the 20th century.…

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We Don’t Know Anything Of This About Diversity At All – They’re Incorrect Assumptions

It’s one of the mantras of our times, that diversity is a good thing. Which it may well be of course. But that’s not then to say that we have proven that diversity in a workforce or organisation is an economically good thing. We might also think through this in a rather different manner, that diversity of viewpoint is a good thing but that’s not the same thing as what the modern world calls diversity. In fact, there’s a good point to be made that the two different versions conflict with each other, that diversity of view and of person.…

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Google’s Gender Diversity Woes Continue

Google appears to be finding out the hard way that there is no possibility of being correct in dealing with modern day gender diversity claims. For, after that James Damore memo and firing we’ve now got someone claiming they were fired because they protested about it. It is possible to read a little between the lines here and think that the parting of employment ways wasn’t so much about what was said but about the time taken to say it.…

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