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Project Fear Update

In June 2018 we were treated to a display of partisan journalism that was not extraordinary.

What is extraordinary is that it happens every month and no-one mentions it.

You heard that Airbus were planning to pull out of the UK after Brexit, but didn’t see anything much about JCB investing here.

In fact, Airbus merely said that under certain circumstances, one day, they can imagine a scenario where some investment would need to go elsewhere. Probably.

Whereas JCB actually announced the investment of £50m.

How did the media present these stories?

Three days of headlines about the Airbus equivocations, with headlines screaming “Airbus pulls out of Britain!”

Nothing much about JCB’s real investments at all.

So this is how it seems to work.

Some EU functionary calls an EU lickspittle Remainer British MP and “suggests” that he might like to call his mate at Airbus and ask for some negative press. Not wanting to jeapordise his chance of a cosy EU job one day, he calls him.

“Could you come out and say something negative about Brexit next week, just as the PM is preparing to meet at Chequers to discuss Brexit? Give her some intellectual cover for a soft Brexit?”

His mate agrees to do it, but “obviously it will all have to be heavily qualified”.

“Sure, sure” says the Remainer – “you needn’t say anything that commits you, as I’ll get the media to make it sound worse than it is”.

And then he calls his media friends and “mournfully” shares with them the Airbus thing (“a terrible affair – just one more bad Brexit story sadly”). At the same time (if asked), he regrets that he doesn’t really know anything about the JCB story.

And that’s why you are only seeing bad news about Brexit for the last year.

Project Fear failed to stop you voting for Brexit, and now it looks like it’s failed to make you change your mind. But they keep plugging away, hoping that maybe it will stop you complaining about the “Brexit in name only” that Remainer Theresa May and her faithful Remaniac Chancellor Philip Hammond are hoping to engineer that this week at Chequers.

This is the dirtiest most treasonous politics, enacted by those pursuing the EU’s goals not ours, and enabled by those in the media willing to lazily whore their penmanship for status and influence.

But that’s not the worst of it – they are also presenting themselves as the noble characters in this disgusting bit of Kabuki theatre. They bargain away the freedom of our nation to those who wish to harm us, knowing that it will damage the lives of your children and grandchildren, yet claim only the purest motives.

But even THAT is not the worst of it – while selling their country and burnishing their fake integrity in public, they do as much damage to the personal credibility of their opponents as they can.

At the behest of their masters – the EU.

So they tried to destroy Nigel Farage – they audit his expenses but not their own, publish them publicly, call him a racist, investigate his private life, spend furiously (and illegally) to prevent him winning a seat here in the UK and fund pressure groups who are willing to heckle him and harass him in public.

So to recap, they serve those wishing to harm us. They work tirelessly to spread lies and prevent the people knowing the truth. And they demonise and destroy anyone who tries to oppose them.

You watch – one day Theresa May will be so desperate to prevent a prominent Brexiteer from gaining any publicity or credibility, she’ll even try to ban the President of the United States from meeting with Nigel Farage.


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