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Sexual Abuse Of North Korean Women – What Do You Expect From A Socialist Autocracy?

We’ve a report that women in North Korea are sexually abused, the correct response to which is well, what do you expect from a socialist autocracy? Give the government total power over peoples’ lives and people being what people are you’ll find people abusing that power to abuse.

Sure, we can also imagine the defence here. As with one recently, Venezuela cannot be socialist because socialism means equality. Given that Venezuela has inequality therefore Venezuela isn’t socialist, quod erat demonstrandum. Wouldn’t surprise at all to hear someone trying that with this North Korea story. Socialism means women are respected, equal, they’re not in North Korea, therefore N Korea isn’t socialist, QED.

It’s still very definitely an autocracy, obviously enough:

North Korean officials commit sexual abuse against women with near total impunity, according to a report from rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW).

HRW said such abuse is so common it has become part of ordinary life.

The report is based on interviews with 62 North Koreans who fled the country and provided detailed accounts of rape and sexual abuse.

The group said it revealed a culture of open, unaddressed abuse, particularly from men in positions of power.

This could be seen as a gross betrayal of those socialist ideals. Or more accurately, what happens when some have near total power over others:

Women in North Korea are routinely subjected to sexual violence by government officials, prison guards, interrogators, police, prosecutors, and soldiers, according to a new report, with groping and unwanted advances a part of daily life for women working in the country’s burgeoning black markets.

Note what all those abusers are – agents of the State. Said State having near total power over the lives of the people. It’s that very power of the State which enables the abuse.

Now, men being men giving them that sort of power over women is likely to lead to this sort of behaviour. That is what we think Harvey was doing to all those budding actresses after all. The answer is thus not to allow men that power over women, the State that power over the lives of the people. Which does rather kill socialism as an imposed idea for it does always, but always, devolve to that autocracy. Simply because people will indeed use such power, if granted, to gain their jollies. To avoid the imposition of jollies getting, don’t allow the State power.

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